Care or maintenance of the home, personnel, and machinery is the most important civil life activity, and that required regular expenses. Over the period we stop maintaining and caring for a few things due to various reasons and finally they became scrap products and unbearable expenses.

Home maintenance required an electrician, plumber, mason, carpenter, etc. support on the same line home saloon service required beautician support, and machinery equipment at home needs technician support, and service is important all the time for a smooth and hassle-free peaceful life. A huge costing always required for the purpose.

Going through the existing market service support model and trend, it is observed that thousands of service provider companies are serving society as per the needs of the clients and offering various support and care methods for the satisfaction of the clients. However, to make it more affordable and profitable service, Abhiaya design the marketing plan, where, technician/professional and clients will get some income on these services/care.